Property Finder

Property Finders specialise in sourcing and negotiating the purchase of property on behalf of the buyer. In essence, the Property Finder will develop an in-depth understanding of his client's requirements, desires and property goals, and then attempt to find a property which matches all of these requirements for his client to acquire.

For some, the appeal is the time savings. Having the property finder search out ideal properties keeps many buyers’ weekends free from scouring through newspapers, meeting with agents and attending inspections. Some firms offer evaluation services in addition to basic finding services; that is, properties are evaluated in terms of potential for Capital Gain and Rental Return, quality of location, potential for renovation or redevelopment, etc. The benefits of local market knowledge and expertise have been found to be a key benefit of using a property finder.

Property finders are a particularly useful resource for buyers of overseas property, e.g. ski property. The advantages of using a property finder in a foreign country include: - an established network of local contacts - 'on the ground' representation - knowledge and understanding of the different tax and legal systems.

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